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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Kylie Kwong - Heart and soul

Kylie Kwong Heart and Soul


Fire up the wok, grab the chopsticks and be inspired by one of Australia’s most talented young chefs - Kylie Kwong. This is Chinese food like you’ve never seen it before - modern, healthy and delicious new recipes from someone who has been cooking since she was five years old.

Born into one of Australia’s oldest Chinese families, Kylie has traditional Chinese cooking in her blood. She combines traditional family recipes with the latest ideas she’s learned working with chefs like Neil Perry and Stefan Manfredi. The result is an exciting new blend of Chinese and contemporary Australian cuisine.

Restaurant owner, author, award-winning chef and fifth generation Chinese/Australian, Kylie cooks with irresistable energy and passion. Glamorous lobster salad, deep fried fillets of snapper with five different types of tomato, fresh scallops with mint, luscious organic bacon braised in red wine and Kylie’s famous crispy skin duck with blood plum sauce are all explained for expert and novice cooks alike.

This series tells the story of Kylie’s life growing up as an ABC (Australian Born Chinese); hanging out as a child in her uncle’s noodle factory, watching her mothers Chinese cookery demonstrations in suburban Sydney, her foray into the art world, apprenticeship to master chefs and finally the opening of her very own ‘Chinese eating house’.

Along the way Kylie developes a love of Western food and shows us her own, Chinese versions of Australian classics like fish and chips and roast chicken and vegetables. In other episodes we see her cater for a cocktail party, cook a Moroccan ‘tagine’ in the garden, prepare a beachouse lunch for friends and demonstrate how to organise your own Chinese steamboat party at home.

Episode Guide.

  • E01 - My Chinese Family - Pickled bamboo sounds exotic but bottling your own is simple enough. Kylie uses this unusual ingredient to flavour her mouth-watering salads.

  • E02 - The Joy of Cooking - Kylie loves to entertain; she prepares recipes for her friends from the very best fish she can find at the markets.

  • E03 - Family Ties - Kylie's mum taught her to to cook, and her brother judges who does the best noodle stir fry today.Three generations of Kwong women then make some party food.

  • E04 - Frugal Food - The Chinese are inventive cooks, making delicious meals from basic ingredients. Kylie tries out her cheap cut recipes on the staff at a famous Chinese restaurant.

  • E05 - Into the Melting Pot - Kylie takes us through her Chinese versions of traditional Australian favourites and introduces us to the cross-cultural mix of modern Australian cooking.

  • E06 - The Art of Food - There's a party for the opening of an art exhibition - and Kylie is doing the catering.

  • E07 - Lunch on the Water - Kylie has been invited to a delcious outdoor lunch by the sea - the only catch is she has to cook

  • E08 - A Steamboat Party - Kylie is having a steamboat party for ten friends at home - she provides the food, the guests do the cooking


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