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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Rude Boy Food

Rude Boy Food

He's gone from carpet fitter to chef in five years. Now, Aaron Craze protege of Jamie Oliver and winner of Jamie's Chef has his own series.
Gritty and urban, with a raw, ingenious and energetic approach to cooking and entertaining, Rude Boy Food sees Aaron cook up cracking international street food across London. Aaron may not have gone abroad until very recently, but he grew up in a multi cultural part of west London where food from every nation is present. As a child he was well used to tasting the food from different countries and culture on every street corner and it is this influence that he carries through to his food today as a chef. Each episode sees Aaron make easy handheld grub as he likes to call it, for his mates. There's a Japanese barbeque at a parkour gathering, British seaside street food for the participants of an extreme sports festival, plantain chips and fried fish for party-goers at the Notting Hill Carnival and an American-themed menu for a friend's hen night party. Every dish is sensational and served up with Aaron's own inimiatable style. This energetic series captures Aaron in his element; kicking back with his mates, bantering with strangers, breaking conventional culinary rules and getting fired up over food. The people and events he cooks for, the menus he creates and the extras he chucks into the mix make him highly watchable as he showcases his formidable expertise at each event to turn it into a sizzling celebration.

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